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160 Doyle Road, Holden, Massachusetts 01520
Phone: (508) 438-1198
Fax:      (508) 519-2572

Family Law

The attorneys at Broadbent & Taylor are experienced at representing clients in family court matters throughout Massachusetts.  We are dedicated to zealously representing the interests of our clients to achieve the best results possible.  

At Broadbent & Taylor we know that family law cases can be extremely difficult for our clients.  We strive to make the process as simple and painless as possible.  We listen to our clients' issues and determine what the best course of action is for them.  What is right for one case, may be exactly wrong for another.  We encourage our clients to consider mediation as an alternative to going to trial.  At Broadbent & Taylor we are qualified in Family Law Mediation Services.  We sit down with couples in a comfortable setting to work out all the details of the separation agreement and assist you with the forms to file with the Probate and Family Court.  

The attorneys at Broadbent & Taylor are certified in Massachusetts to perform Limited Assistance Representation for Family Law matters.  This ensures that clients who cannot afford a family law attorney for the entire case can hire an attorney to represent them for a specific hearing or to negotiate specific matters in the pending litigation.  Limited Assistance Representation helps keep clients' costs low, while providing them with legal representation when they need it.

Contact our office today for a free consultation if you are looking for a family law attorney to represent you for:
Child Support
Complaints for Separate Support
Complaints to Establish Paternity
Child Custody Disputes
Complaints for Modification
Domestic Violence
Restraining Orders
Prenuptial Agreements
Antenuptial Agreements 
Family Law Mediation
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