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160 Doyle Road, Holden, Massachusetts 01520
Phone: (508) 438-1198
Fax:      (508) 519-2572

Estate Planning

The attorneys at Broadbent & Taylor know the importance of having a well-drafted estate plan. Estate planning is essential to ensuring the desired disposition of assets and guardianship of minors. Every individual, regardless of their status, should have a will, healthcare proxy, living will, and a power of attorney.  Individuals with children should also have an appointment of guardianship.

Our office handles all your estate planning needs, including:
Appointment of Guardianships
Healthcare Proxies
HIPAA Authorizations
Living Wills
Powers of Attorney

Regardless of whether your estate is large or small or somewhere in between, the attorneys at Broadbent & Taylor can help you achieve your goals.

Our office can also assist with the probate of an estate after a loved one has passed.  We represent individuals selected to act as their loved one's personal representative to probate the will. We work closely with the personal representative to ensure a seamless probate process.

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