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160 Doyle Road, Holden, Massachusetts 01520
Phone: (508) 438-1198
Fax:      (508) 519-2572

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Broadbent & Taylor is a team of attorneys and legal staff who are dedicated to providing effective service at an affordable price throughout Massachusetts.  Our reputation for excellence stems from our ability to identify the heart of our clients' legal matters and provide engaging counsel and representation.  We understand that when a person seeks the services of an attorney, it is often because the person is going through a difficult time in his or her life.  It is important to the attorneys at Broadbent & Taylor to build a relationship of trust with each and every client.  We will take the time to listen and understand the issues presented, explain the relevant legal principles, and create an individualized strategy for each client in order to reach the most favorable outcome. 

If you are seeking help from a dedicated attorney, contact Broadbent & Taylor today for a free consultation.


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